2022 Webster Fall Festival

The 39th Webster Fall Festival was held on Saturday, September 24, 2022 in Historic Webster Village. Hundreds of people attended this family friendly, community event. Fun was had by all! Visit the festival website (http://websterfallfestival.org/) for more information.

The Webster Fall Festival Committee is extremely grateful for our 2022 festival Sponsors and Donors.  Please support these businesses!

Below, photos from the festival:  Among those participating were: Troop 40467, led by Wendy Nieman, including Kendal Nieman; Troop 40626, led by Kari Stroschein, including Rachel Perrine; Troop 40711, led by Mary Lynch, including Kathy Lynchand Kaci Fisher; Troop 40176, led by Raquel Alexander, including Anna Fleuren, Molly Fleuren, Ana Skidmore, Lily Thursman, Penelope Thursman, Chloe Baker, and Tori Alexander; and lastly Troop 40698, led by Laura Preston, including Avery Smith, Stella Moazami, Elly Briggs, and Amelia Jones.

Making Yarn Dolls
Making Butter in a Jar



Laundry Day in Pioneer Days



Pioneer Costumes Made for the Event


The Spectacular Sweat Pea’s Flaming Arts Show