Historic Webster Village

The historic buildings comprising Historic Webster Village are listed below in the order in which they became part of the village. For the history of the building, click on the underlined buildling name below.

In 1985, the first building–the Wheeler Wheelwright & Blacksmith Shop–was moved piece-by-piece from its location a couple miles north to its new home in Historic Webster Village. It was fully restored again in 2020.

In 1992, Podunk School was moved several miles down back roads from its original location to the Village.

In 1997, the Old Town Hall, dating back to 1871, was moved across fields to its new home in the Village being replaced by the current Webster Township Hall located to the north of our Village.

In 1998, May Mast’s Old North Barn was purchased to become part of the WTHS Village.

In 2005, the Kleinschmidt General Store was erected in memory of Paul and Liz Kleinschmidt who served the community for decades.

In 2010, Crossroads Community Center, formerly known as the Community Hall, was purchased from Webster United Church of Christ and restored to become a central gathering point of the community once again.

In 2016, the Dieterle Corncrib stage was built in the Village in memory of the RFD Boys bluegrass band founder, Richard Dieterle.