Dieterle’s Corncrib

Completed in 2016 in time for the Webster Fall Festival, this structure honors the memory of Richard Dieterle, founder and fiddler of Ann Arbor’s premier bluegrass band, The RFD Boys. Richard was born on his family farm not far from Historic Webster Village in Ann Arbor Township. He loved all things country and was an ardent supporter of the Webster Fall Festival. Beginning in the early 1990s, he and his band played there every year, and the remaining RFD Boys continue to honor this tradition. The corncrib event stage was architecturally designed to reflect Richard’s rural roots and blend in with the existing buildings.

Groups that have performed on the stage during the Webster Fall Festivals, 2016-2019, are: Fiddler Pie, Nessa, the North Creek Fiddlers, Full Circles Band, and Stout Hearted Strings, with the RFD Boys giving the final performance annually. In addition, Rosie the Riveter performed here during the 2018 fall festival, and the Dexter Boy Scout Troop 477 conducted a flag retirement ceremony here during the 2018 and 2019 festivals.

Dexter Boy Scout Troop 477