The Webster Township Historical Society (WTHS) owns and manages seven historic buildings, six of them located in Historic Webster Village at 5583 Webster Church Road in Webster Township just outside of Dexter, MI. The seventh historic building is Crossroads Community Center located at 5501 Webster Church Road. These buildings are maintained solely by the WTHS through donations, membership dues, and grants. Four of our buildings are over 150 years old! With our new walking path in place connecting the village buildings, the village is often referred to by visitors as a mini-Greenfield Village. Explore our website and then come and visit us.

Aerial view of Webster Historic Village with walking path.

Above, center front is our Old Town Hall (1871). The red building is our Kleinschmidt General Store (replica, 2005). It connects with May Mast’s Old North Barn (1960s) which will soon be our farm museum. The small building next on the path is our one-room school, Podunk School (1946).  Around the curve a path leads to the Wheeler Wheelwright & Blacksmith Shop (1870s).  The final building is the Dieterle Corncrib (replica, 2016), our music perfomance stage. In front is our 20′ x 40′ tent that is raised in early June and taken down at the end of September.  

We rent our facilities and offer our grounds and buildings for use by professional photographers.

Become a WTHS member (for a paper form or go to the online store “Buy It Here” to join now) and share in the pride of supporting an organization that strives to serve the Webster community and engage the residents in entertaining events while learning about the history they share.