Webster Chronology 1833 – 1946


1833      * Webster separated from Dexter and organized as a town by Territorial Council; named after Daniel Webster

1834     * First Post office established in Webster Township in the home of Moses Kingsley

1836      * Webster Church completed (with the help of a $100 donation from Daniel Webster)

1837     *  Michigan became the 26th state in the Union on January 28

1838      * Podunk School was built on Merkel Road near Walsh Road

1846      * A new Podunk School was built on Walsh Road at the corner of Merkel Road

1863      * Webster Township Civil War bond drive held

1871      * Attendance law adopted in Michigan requiring all children between 8 and 14 to attend school at least 3 months per year

               * Webster Township Hall built at the corner of Gregory and Scully Roads

1873      * Michigan school attendance law altered to require all children between 8 and 14 to attend school at least 4 months per year

1892      * Pledge of Allegiance to the flag introduced into Michigan schools

1899      * New steel bridge built over the Huron River on the north side of Dexter

1919      * Michigan Legislature declared October 21 as Will Carleton Day [William McKendree Carleton (1845 – 1912) was an American poet from Michigan. Carleton’s poems were most often about his rural life.]

1946      * Podunk School closed for good